The Maryland wealth management team at XML Financial Group offers very personalized and consultative
financial services. We recognize that each client has unique needs, and our financial planning consultants
work with individuals, businesses, and non-profits step-by-step to ensure that each goal is addressed. By
keeping an open line of communication at all times, the XML Financial Group can adjust plans according
to the ever-changing circumstances in client’s lives.

In addition to expert monetary and investment advice, the XML Financial Group is supported by the largest
independent Broker/Dealer, LPL Financial,* and therefore also have exceptional back office support and
service ability.

With an understanding that every client’s needs are unique, the XML Financial Group strive to provide the most customized and consultative investment management service possible. To achieve this, our Maryland financial consultants maintain an ongoing dialogue with all clients to ensure that investments are not only successful but also aligned with the client’s specific needs and goals. Additionally, as we are supported by the largest independent Broker/Dealer, LPL Financial,* our product offerings and back office support and service is second-to-none.

General steps in the investment management process include:

Step 1 – Review Current Portfolio>
The financial consultants at XML will first review one’s current investment portfolio. In an effort to ensure that your investments are successful and income generating, the XML Financial Group works to identify areas for improvement such as a lack of diversification, appropriateness of investments, underperformance and fees.

Step 2 – Construct Optimal Portfolio
Next, the XML financial planners work with the client to design and develop the optimal portfolio based on a complete picture of their unique financial needs. As each client is different, our wealth management consultants customize each client portfolio. Regardless of whether it is an individual, business, or non-profit, the XML Financial Group takes into consideration important details such as: investments held in 401(k), cash need and risk profile.

Step 3 – Execution
The third part of our financial management process involves the actual construction of a client’s optimal portfolio. As it is the goal of the XML Financial Group to make the process as seamless as possible, we provide the documentation to set up and transfer your accounts. Our financial planning consultants also take all investment implications into review for example, tax liability, timing considerations and unique preferences. Upon approval, we execute the appropriate transactions to optimize the client’s investment portfolio.

Step 4 – Monitor, Review and Adjust
Finally, our wealth management team provides ongoing and collaborative support to clients in every aspect of their financial well being, providing ongoing and collaborative support to you in all facets of your financial wellbeing. As financial issues, concerns, and questions pop up over time, the XML Financial Group works with clients to regularly review their portfolio and make appropriate changes as needed.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine June 1996-2012, based on total revenue.

Are you prepared for retirement, do you know how much you can spend while minimizing the risk of outliving your assets?

Do you have a plan for how you are going to finance your children’s college education?

Do you know how your spending compares to your income?

Do you know what type of return you need to meet your retirement goals?

When it comes to one’s financial health, there are so many questions to be answered. To be successful in wealth management, it is essential to understand not only where one stands financially but also how to continue and grow one’s lifestyle. For answers to these many tough questions, the Maryland wealth management team at the XML Financial Group is here to help you!

Some examples of areas of financial health the XML Financial Group addresses through planning include:

  • Assess financial condition and needs
  • Identity retirement financial goals
  • Assist with estate planning
  • Prepare plan to meet future financial needs
  • Offer tax strategies in relation to financial plan and monitor government tax and regulation changes, evaluating impact on individual financial status
  • Evaluate financial statements and project earnings
  • Search for ways to better manage cash flows
  • Complete risk analysis


Are you currently working for a bank or wirehouse and thinking about going independent?

Are you thinking about either joining another independent firm or starting an independent firm?

Whatever your current background is in an investment advisory capacity, the financial services team at XML can help you think about, address and execute on the decision to go independent.
Independence was something that was very important to the partners of the XML Financial Group when they made the decision 10 years ago to leave a major wirehouse.
From a consulting perspective, the financial professionals at XML can help you in a number of ways such as:

  • How to set up the business
  • Help develop projections
  • Identify start up costs and contacts with whom to use
  • Brainstorm all facets of marketing
  • Provide ideas on guiding communications to clients and employer
  • Discuss custodians, operations and business models

As experienced financial consultants, we know that every situation is unique and deserves a thorough consultation. Since its creation in 2004, the XML Financial Group has a proven track record of success when consulting individuals and teams on gaining independence.


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