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Whether you are a solo broker or an established practice, a partnership with XML Financial Group offers value-added benefits designed to help jumpstart business development, technology upgrades and succession planning. Do you want to accelerate your or your firm’s growth and ensure continuity? We can help you or your team create customized technology, operations, marketing and compliance solutions designed precisely for the way you want to do business. Through our partnership with Focus Financial Partners, we can help you achieve your business objectives with the scale, economics and best practices of a much larger firm. For those meeting the high standards and making the decision to go independent, our model can help enable you to increase your effective payout while also working towards growth incentives through earn-outs and the potential to participate in a future liquidity event. We can also establish attractive incentive pools for both current and future key employees. Multiple platforms are available that fits your practice and client needs. Your team can count on our partnership with Focus Financial Partners scale, knowledge and expertise to help customize a platform that’s tailored to your specific needs, with access to leading providers. Breaking away and launching an advisory firm on your own can be an overwhelming process – but not with us.  That’s because while you stay focused on your clients, we take care of everything else. We provide the preparation, organization and transition support capabilities you need to make going independent a turnkey process. We have experience with guiding both individuals and advisor teams, just like yours, toward becoming entrepreneurs with thriving practices designed specifically for the way they want to do business. If you’re ready to tap into the power of independence and the credibility, capabilities and expertise of independence, consider joining XML and be part of building what you have always envisioned.

Key Benefits for You



  • Advisors benefit from an independent environment where clients’ interests come first
  • Advisors operate in a growth culture that is free of bureaucratic red tape
  • Advisors receive team-based support to enable growth


  • Competitive payout grid
  • Transparent revenue and payout – advisors receive 100% credit for all revenue generated


  • Opportunity for partnership for advisors who demonstrate strong performance
  • Ability to monetize true equity value of the advisor’s book in the future


  • For high-producing advisors, flexibility in creating an offer that is best for the advisor, their family and their clients


  • For advisors to delegate non-revenue activities, allowing them to focus on growing their assets
  • Areas of support include:
    • Full client and advisor onboarding process
    • Administration
    • An experienced and highly capable Operations Associate is assigned to each advisor
    • Customized Service Model
    • Comprehensive contact service model consistently creates one of the highest rates of client retention in our industry
    • Investments / Research
    • Investment committee will support advisor in their portfolio & asset allocation
    • Marketing
    • A targeted marketing plan will be initiated around each advisor
    • Full compliance oversight
    • State of the art, secure technology platforms

Succession Planning


Regulatory rules and guidance surrounding the requirement for investment advisers to create and implement business continuity and succession planning are being discussed and written.  Let us help you create a plan that meets regulatory needs and ensures the continuity of your vision.


A well-designed succession plan is critical to passing your wealth and legacy to the ones you love.  In addition to taking care of your clients, Focus Successions® also helps you provide financial security and protection for your family.


You will continue to retain your autonomy and independence, managing your firm as you have in the past. You have complete control of your plan, and can trigger or terminate the succession solution at any time. For more information, please contact Brett Shane Bernstein, CFP at

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Brett Bernstein CEO & Co-founder
Rob Kantor CIO & Co-founder
Curtis Congdon President
Mark Samson Senior Partner
Michelle Cooper Partner & Director, XML-W - Women, Wealth and Wellness
Jason Klopman Senior Wealth Advisor, Partner
Eric Wightman Senior Wealth Advisor, Partner
Shawna Bieda Senior Wealth Advisor
David Clark Senior Wealth Advisor
Noorjahan Enayat Senior Wealth Advisor
Beth Levine Senior Wealth Advisor
David Margulies Senior Wealth Advisor
Jack May Senior Wealth Advisor
Lauren O’Brien Senior Wealth Advisor
Jordan VanOort Senior Wealth Advisor
Sharon Abbey Wealth Advisor
Sasha Kantarski Wealth Advisor and Director of Financial Planning
Steven Collins Wealth Advisor
Kevin Peters Wealth Advisor
John Sciuto Wealth Advisor
Jennifer Telesca Wealth Advisor
Nicole Treiber Wealth Advisor
Caleb Long Wealth Advisor
Radley Ellenbogen, CFP® Associate Wealth Advisor
Ben Kollender Associate
Mary Abba Client Service Associate
Florence Bird Client Service Associate
Louis Blanc Client Service Associate
Susan Roach Client Service Associate
Sharon Cirillo Client Service Associate
Jayson Magro Client Service Associate
Gail Stanton Client Service Associate
Meredith Wade Client Service Associate
Vidya White Client Service Associate
Douglas Callan Senior Portfolio Manager
Stephen Clagett Director of Branch Operations
Amy Lytle Director of Client Services
Hannah Myers Director of Marketing
Kristian Price Director of Client Experience
Caite Stevens Chief Technology Officer


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