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XML Wealth Insights: Employment Trends


 August 14th, 2020 | In this week’s video, President of XML Financial Group, Curtis Congdon, shares his perspective on “Employment Trends.” Have questions about ...

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    Curtis Congdon President
    Mark Samson Senior Partner
    Michelle Cooper Partner & Director, XML-W - Women, Wealth and Wellness
    Jason Klopman Senior Wealth Advisor, Partner
    Eric Wightman Senior Wealth Advisor, Partner
    Shawna Bieda Senior Wealth Advisor
    David Clark Senior Wealth Advisor
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    Beth Levine Senior Wealth Advisor
    David Margulies Senior Wealth Advisor
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    Sharon Abbey Wealth Advisor
    Sasha Kantarski Wealth Advisor and Director of Financial Planning
    Steven Collins Wealth Advisor
    Kevin Peters Wealth Advisor
    John Sciuto Wealth Advisor
    Jennifer Telesca Wealth Advisor
    Nicole Treiber Wealth Advisor
    Caleb Long Wealth Advisor
    Radley Ellenbogen, CFP® Associate Wealth Advisor
    Mary Abba Client Service Associate
    Florence Bird Client Service Associate
    Louis Blanc Client Service Associate
    Carolyn Brescia Client Service Associate
    Sharon Cirillo Client Service Associate
    Jayson Magro Client Service Associate
    Gail Stanton Client Service Associate
    Meredith Wade Client Service Associate
    Vidya White Client Service Associate
    Douglas Callan Senior Portfolio Manager
    Stephen Clagett Director of Branch Operations
    Amy Lytle Director of Client Services
    Hannah Myers Director of Marketing
    Kristian Price Director of Client Experience
    Caite Stevens Chief Technology Officer


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