Our Wealth Management Services

We offer a full range of wealth management services to help set you on the path to achieve your financial goals and craft your ideal life. At the core of our service is our focus on you. We are proud to take a fiduciary role in our advisory services. We listen carefully and consider many factors in your situation and goals in all of our work with you. Read more about our specific services below.
  • Financial Planning Services
  • Investment Management Services
  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Estate and Trust Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis, Debt & Taxes
  • Philanthropic Planning

Financial Planning Services


Whatever your financial planning goals or needs are, we’re here to develop a relationship with you and craft the optimal plan for you. We are uniquely equipped to serve a wide variety of life events and financial needs. We take a holistic approach to our wealth management and financial planning services, keeping your situation and best interests in mind. There is no “one size fits all” plan! Our team is diverse and has a range of personal experiences, so no matter your situation, we are ready to help with your specific needs. We’re here to help you on the path toward achieving your financial goals. When it comes to one’s financial health, there are so many questions that come up. For answers to these questions, the Wealth Advisors are here to help you! To be successful in wealth management, it is essential to understand not only where one currently stands financially but also your expectation for your future lifestyle. We want to enable you to understand and maximize your finances so you can live your optimal life. Some examples of areas of financial health to address through planning include:
  • Assessing financial condition and needs
  • Identifying retirement financial goals
  • Assisting with estate planning
  • Preparing a plan to meet future financial needs
  • Offering tax sensitive strategies in relation to your financial plan
  • Monitoring government tax and regulation changes and evaluating their impact on individual financial status
  • Evaluating financial statements and project earnings
  • Searching for ways to better manage cash flows
  • Completing risk analysis
Specific areas of expertise include:
  • Retirement planning
  • Cash flow and budget analysis
  • Education funding
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Asset management and protection
  • Tax advisory
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Will and trust planning
Again, we are uniquely focused and equipped to serve your situation because of our vast personal and professional experience.



Investment Management Services

With a keen understanding that every client’s needs are different, we strive to deliver individualized and consultative investment management service. To accomplish this, our Wealth Advisors prefer an ongoing conversation with you to review your investments for suitability and alignment with your specific needs and goals. General steps in the investment management process include:


First, we listen. We’d like to learn about your and your concerns, why you came to us in the first place and discuss your needs.


The Wealth Advisors can review your current investments to see how they are aligning with your needs as well as work to identify areas for improvement. For example, are you generating the income you need, is there a lack of diversification, appropriateness of investments, underperformance, and excessive fees.


Next, we work with you to design and develop the optimal portfolio based on a complete picture of your unique goals, situation, and financial needs. Because every client is different, our Wealth Advisors customize each client portfolio. No matter your life stage or circumstance, we always take important details such as investments held in 401(k), cash needs, liquidity, and risk profile into consideration when constructing your investment portfolio.


The third part of our financial management process involves the actual construction of your optimal portfolio. We want to make the process as seamless as possible, so we provide the documentation to set up your accounts, and transfer any that are deemed appropriate. Additionally, our financial consultants take all investment implications like tax liability, timing considerations, and preferences into review. Upon approval, we execute the appropriate transactions to optimize your investment portfolio.


Importantly, our team provides ongoing and collaborative support to clients in every aspect of their financial well-being. As financial issues, concerns, and questions come up over time, we work with you to regularly review your portfolio and make appropriate changes as needed. LET'S TALK

Retirement Planning

Saving and planning for retirement is one of the biggest goals that many people have. But there are a lot of complexities and factors to consider. For instance, do you go with the tax benefits or pre-tax deferrals or tax-deferred growth? Your retirement plan is likely to be your largest asset, so it’s important to make sure it’s set up and managed in the best way possible. We pride ourselves on the individual attention we give as a part of our retirement planning services. We want to help you craft your optimal retirement plan and understand why it’s ideal for you. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Not only do we want to set up the ideal plan for you, but we also want you to understand why it’s the best plan for you! We focus on your individual situation and goals while making and managing your retirement plan. LET'S TALK

Asset Management

We specialize in helping people deal with the financial aspects of life-altering occurrences such as retirement, job change, death of a spouse, inheritance, and sale of a business. We know that every client has unique and specific goals, dreams, and circumstances. We work hard to know our clients and tailor our asset management process to suit them. Our Asset Management services can include:

  • Investment advisory and management services
  • Financial planning services
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • And more!

Estate and Trust Planning

Estate planning can be intimidating and frustrating and is oftentimes overlooked due to the uncomfortable nature of the conversations that arise. However, our advisors will offer compassionate guidance as we work together to help you through this process.  Our goal is to make estate planning seamless. Proper estate planning can save your family a great deal of time, heartache, and money. Our Wealth Advisors will work cohesively with your estate attorney and tax professionals to create and update your unique plan. We highly recommend ensuring that your estate plan is in order so that your loved ones are protected. LET'S TALK

Cash Flow Analysis, Debt & Taxes

Analyzing your cash flow and implementing a budget can be a difficult process for many, but it can be essential to achieving your financial goals. As a part of our cash flow analysis, we specialize in creating tax planning strategies to allow you to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. We are also experienced with managing and getting out of debt. In all of this, we are keenly aware of your current situation and goals as we analyze and plan for your financial success.

Philanthropic Planning

By helping you develop a personal philanthropy plan we will educate you on tax efficient ways to leave a lasting legacy for your favorite charity.

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Our team combines extensive professional experience with a collaborative culture to provide our clients with the benefits of our shared experiences rather than working with a sole practitioner. LET'S TALK XML does not offer tax or legal advice. Be sure to consult with a qualified tax or legal professional regarding the best options for your particular circumstances.

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